1. I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.

2. PLEASE note that I am a full-time student in Animation and that your commissions are important to me and as such they take time to complete. School comes first, then commissions.

3. I will need the following information from the Client before beginning a commission (I will not share any client information):
  • e-mail address (for communication and to send finished digital artwork)
  • Client’s country of origin (for currency conversion if need be)
  • physical address (for sending paintings)
  • age (if the client is under 18, he/she must supply contact information for parents or guardian. I have the right to contact parents/guardian of an under-aged client to ensure that their child is able to pay for the commission.)
4. All prices are in CANADIAN dollars.

5. All listed prices are base prices and are subject to change, depending on complexity.

6. I require 1/2 the total price be paid up front, and the second 1/2 upon completion (as well as shipping cost if need be).

7. Commissions MUST NOT be used for commercial purposes.

8. When beginning a commission with a client, I request reference material of the sprite to be painted. Clients should also let it be known if they have a certain pose in mind, otherwise I will make my own choice on the matter.

9. The shipping cost will be discussed with you at the time of purchase and after I have received your physical address.

10. The Client must specify the size for the artwork BEFORE work on the piece commences. The sizing/pricing chart can be found here.

11. It is the Client’s responsibility to email me to verify the meaning of any of the above. Otherwise I will assume that all is understood.